Does house lighting affect your mood?

Ever wonder what 3000k means on a Bulb? Kelvin is a measurement of a lights hue from soft to bright. This can affect your mood and your sleep. Here is a chart from 1000k to 5,000k.

1000K Candle LT Red/Yellow very warm

1800K Orange(Vintage look) warm

2400K lamp style used in restaurants and pubs to set the mood. (The combo of alcohol and brown light may make you sleep)

2700K Are great for bedroom lights. A warm light that can also be used for reading in bed. A dimmer is recommended for setting the mood. This light is great for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways.

3000K Is universal for the entire house. It’s a warm white light that will help you see the veggies you want to chop with your newly sharpened knife. Yikes.

4000K - It’s recommended If your eye sight is failing and that newly sharpened knife is in use. Whew! It’s also great for workshops, offices and sweat shops but I don’t condone the last one. The light has been proven to heighten emotions and increase energy. It’s described as a cool white light that is close to being daylight (5000k).

Now I can go on to the next segment since you are an expert in Kelvins. A great way to disperse lighting without casting shadows through your house is the use of pot lights. Unless you enjoy your house to look like count Draculas castle it’s important to place the pot lights strategically. You can put a 100 pot lights in the room but they will be useless unless there is a plan. A professional is recommend to lay out the lights - Old Joe the electrician is a good electrician but has no clue on how to make a lighting layout. “Hey Joe did you know incandescent lights are being discontinued?” I see new houses being built with lights in poor areas but they did something right they measured them to line up in a straight line. A Straight line means nothing in a pot light layout. A pot light is not to be seen by the eye because it’s recessed so keeping them in a place that makes the room larger or shines down on a piece of your west coast art is more necessary than a straight arrow light scheme.

Add style - Pendant lights, switch plugs for lamps , beautiful designer lights are all great for adding style.

Smart dimmers- so you can talk to your lights from your couch when watching Netflix. “Hey google dim the lights to 30 percent.”

We offer different styles of pot lights from square to round, 1 inch to 6 inch. The colour of the trims can either blend with the ceiling or it can be decorative colours that stand out.

Baffle trim- has a ribbed interior that helps minimize the glare

Reflector trim- helps focus the light using a mirrored surface.

Retro fit lights - These are great for renovations. It’s less intrusive on the drywall which means less money being spent for the Dry Wall Medic to fix it. Onda Electric provides Lotus Lighting a Vancouver based company. Lotus provides a 5 to 10 year, 30,000hrs to 50,000hrs manufacture warranty depending on the type of light.

- Gimbal (able to pivot on your west coast art)

- Regressed ( I have these in my house) absolutely my favourite lights on the retro end.

-Slim line flush mounted which are great in tight areas.

- Also, Lotus makes a cool light or should I say a gradual warm light that goes from 3000k to 2000k when you dim your lights. This is an amazing feature before you go to bed at night thus putting your night cycle in gear.

When it comes to installing pot lights please use a professional electrician that is bonded and insured. Your electrician should have knowledge of a lighting scheme or hire a designer to train Joe. Also, Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of a permit since this infraction could void your home insurance. Beware of hacks that cost you money in the end.