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Step into the future with solar energy! Electricity bills are constantly on the rise, and additional fees such as carbon tax can make them soar even higher. One way to combat these costs is to have solar panels installed on your Victoria BC home or business. Solar is an investment that keeps on giving, and here’s why:

You will have power even when your neighbourhood doesn’t.

Power outage? No problem! Solar panels can power a backup generator , ensuring that your Victoria BC home or business has power even when the house beside you does not. This is not only a convenience, but it can help keep your family safe and warm too.

Save money, save the planet.

As more and more municipalities embrace green technology such as solar panels, the benefits are passed down to you! Switching to solar panels allows you to virtually eliminate your electricity bill, while also utilizing an eco-friendly, sustainable, and renewable resource.

Save your electricity to use later.

Many municipalities offer the option to save up electricity credits during the long summer days, and apply those credits during the darker winter days. This essentially allows you to stockpile electricity in the summertime to use in other months without having to store the power yourself! Even though your solar panels will still produce power in the winter, the electricity credits are a great way to supplement your power as you have the lights on for longer and potentially crank up the heat in your home.

Did you know that solar panels can still function on rainy days? That means that even on the cloudiest Victoria BC days, your solar panels can still produce power for your home. If you are ready to see what solar power can do for you, contact us today. Our team provides professional and affordable solar panel installation in Victoria BC. Contact us today for more information.



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